Happy Holidays from Sikh Cycling Club!

As we reach the end of 2021, we’d like to wish you all a happy holiday season and the best for the year ahead.

We’re also in the month of Poh in which the Sikh community commemorates the anniversaries of sacrifices of the tenth Guru’s mother, sons and numerous others. We honor their memories and take inspiration from their unshakeable faith.

2021 was a remarkable year for our club. It’s easy to forget that we didn’t exist as a collective until this year. We’ve created the first Sikh cycling collective in the United States, holding numerous rides all over northern California, raised thousands of dollars for charities, while many of us achieved personal records in the process. Every ride has been a celebration of the Sikh spirit and the camaraderie we have enjoyed this year has been amazing. Thank you all — near and far — for participating. We’re going to keep up the momentum in 2022!

Enjoy your holiday season, get some well earned rest, and we’ll see you on the bike again soon!

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