Help us raise $5,000 for India COVID Relief!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

We’ve all been watching the dire COVID situation that has unfolded in India, and many of us have family and friends who have been impacted. Sikh Cycling Club has started a fundraising campaign to support COVID relief efforts in India by collectively raise $5,000 by riding 5,000 miles in 30 days — between May 15 to June 14.

We’re tracking our miles as reported in the Sikh Cycling Club page in Strava starting May 15 to June 14. Help us help these relief efforts! Your donations will support Khalsa Aid as they help India overcome the COVID crisis.

We can only do this with your help. As we pedal through this campaign, we need your support to reach our fundraising goal of $5,000 as we collectively ride for this cause. Every amount helps! Just click on “Donate” to send your support.

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